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I am a member of my Parish choir and a choir that sings chant and polyphony regularly. I am also leading a small workshop teaching the parishioners to sing chant. I started taking private classes with Angela since last December. We started with the basic module (5 lessons) in which I hoped I can learn some systematic ways in teaching chant for my Parish workshop. Although it was supposed to be a basic module, what I learnt actually exceed my expectation. Other than the useful chant basics, I also learnt from Angela singing techniques that I can pass on to my own group and I learned the basics on directing as well. After the first 5 lessons, I took another 5 focusing on directing and the Mode of Chant both are so fascinating and useful for me as both a singer and a leader of a small group. I will continue my study with Angela for another module from this week focusing on singing technique and I am really looking forwards to this!! I highly recommend Angela to anyone who are interested in chants whether you are a totally beginner or want to go deeper in chants."

Ada P. ~ schola director and choir member
Hong Kong

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