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Crafted uniquely for your group or ensemble, to learn the skills of exceptional musicianship. Our workshops are delivered in an enjoyable, interactive, and interdisciplinary style which is our hallmark.


On site or online.

Choral singing is one of the most exhilarating of all human experiences, but without proper training, it is easy for singers to fall prey to incorrect, even damaging, vocal habits. Your ensemble will learn singing technique under the guidance of a master pedagogue. Michael draws not only from a lifetime of professional singing, but also from years of experience teaching and training groups. He knows firsthand how to draw out the very best from people. Your choir will learn how to use their voices with new freedom and ease, all within a safe, fun, nurturing and professional atmosphere.

Five sessions delivered on site to your ensemble by Michael Rocchiowho lives near Saint Louis, Missouri. Inquire for details.

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"Michael is a dedicated and effective teacher. He is personable and good humored, and brings to his students the ability to execute the skills he teaches, so you are learning from someone who can teach from experience and not only theory or observation." ~ Ariana M., voice student

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Chant contains the underpinning of our whole experience of Western music. Even our universal system of solfeggio is rooted in chant. In spite of this profound connection, the musical form of chant is one which intimidates beginners and experienced musicians alike. Now is your opportunity to break through this obstacle, and convene your ensemble for a basic introduction to Gregorian chant notation.

In this interactive session, we will survey the simplicity of its notation, the legato nature of chant and its intimate relationship with the text. Members will get to connect and reflect as a group, and gain an appreciation for the musical form and unique notation of Gregorian chant.


One 75-minute session. Offered via Zoom or in person by Angela Marie Rocchio, who lives near Saint Louis, Missouri. Virtual session is $200 USD. Inquire for availability and on site pricing.

"Angela conducted a chant session with our choir and taught them a new communion antiphon. Her warm, gentle presence kept the singers at ease about learning the new material. She has a wonderful, systematic approach to learning chant that is very accessible. Her love of this music is evident and infectious and is passed on through her teaching." ~ Stephen E., Parish Music Director

Musical Lectio Divina.png

Lectio Divina means “divine reading” in Latin. It is a meditative way of reading the Bible, in which we let go of our own agendas and open ourselves to what God is trying to say to us. In this session we meditate on the divine Word of God through the lens of the melody of a Gregorian proper.

This method provides a soft approach for introducing choirs to chant and chant notation.


One 75-minute session. Offered via Zoom and in person by Angela Marie Rocchio. Virtual session is $200 USD. Inquire for availability and on site pricing.

"Angela’s presentation was prayerful and instructive. Many of our choir members have no experience singing chant, but Angela’s engaging and approachable style helped everyone enter into the experience. She effectively adapted the content to meet the needs of our group. After the session, many who participated were intrigued to learn more and sent positive comments.


"No matter the background or musical style of your choir, I highly recommend Angela to lead a Musical Lectio Divina for your musicians. This experience was a highlight of our choir season!" ~ Scott P., Parish Music Director

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