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International Chant Academy courses are crafted uniquely for your group or ensemble, to learn the skills of exceptional musicianship. Our workshops are delivered in an enjoyable, interactive, and interdisciplinary style which is our hallmark, and appropriate for singers 16+ years of age. Workbooks are provided for each registered participant, along with sundry collateral materials and audio/visual aids and examples. 

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"Angela and Michael Rocchio, co-founders of the International Chant Academy…

A 'dynamic duo' with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

"Angela was incredibly pleasant to work with and made coordinating ICA’s engagement with us easy. She had endless patience while waiting for us to work out details on our end. She made chant accessible and easily understood for ALL. Her knowledge of, and dedication to researching the history and performance practices of chant, and sacred music equips her to embellish the music ministry at any parish wishing to keep alive the heritage of Catholic sacred music.

"Michael's 'Fundamentals of Singing' workshop was extremely informative and thorough. His pedagogical approach to vocal technique makes him more than apt for teaching voice students at any level. The experience was highly participatory complete with technique coaching for individual singers, and our group sound. During my studies at the University of West Florida School of Music high quality vocal workshops were regularly presented by distinguished artists. 'Fundamentals of Singing' provided the same high quality instruction while being easy to understand, even for my less experienced singers. My well-studied musicians enjoyed the workshop just as much as those who had no previous coaching.

"The International Chant Academy truly helped to unlock my choir's confidence in chant, and helped every singer to find their own voice. Michael and Angela have glowing personalities, a sense of humor, wonderful voices, and are very kind. My choir enjoyed their time with them immensely. I look forward to having them return."

~ Gabrielle Schrack, Music Director

St. Rita Catholic Church, Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Fund Sing
Fundamentals of Singing.png

A full-day of learning and singing taught by ICA Vocal Arts Director Michael Rocchio, and ICA Artistic Director, Angela Rocchio. Fundamentals of Singing is an experiential and highly participatory workshop designed to dramatically improve participant singing ability. Concepts and distinctions are presented, followed by practical application through individual skill-building, and ensemble singing. Participants learn proper, healthful singing technique, vowel formation, intonation, diction techniques, vocal blending, as well as distinctions in vocal excellence. Participants receive individual, and ensemble coaching to cement learned skills. Additionally, Mr. Rocchio shares tips, tricks, and “cheats” gleaned from his many years as a professional singer that serve to ease execution of the vocal skills learned during the event.

"Loved this course.

At last, someone who knows what they are doing.


"Angela conducted a chant session with our choir and taught them a new communion antiphon. Her warm, gentle presence kept the singers at ease about learning the new material. She has a wonderful, systematic approach to learning chant that is very accessible. Her love of this music is evident and infectious and is passed on through her teaching." 

Stephen Eros

Director of Liturgy and Music

Saint Clare of Assisi Catholic Church

O'Fallon, Illinois

Introduction to Chant.png

An interactive, half or full-day workshop taught by ICA Artistic Director, Angela Rocchio.
Participants learn the basics of chant notation, practice the use of solfège, a proven methodology for learning to read, hear, and sing music notation. Participants learn the art and style of singing chant in a manner that expresses the intimate relationship between the music and text. Participants are coached individually, and in ensemble settings to apply the distinctions and skills learned through preparation of chants to sing during an actual liturgy.

"You are a teacher's teacher! Your presentation was obviously well prepared. You have incredible depth of knowledge and a lovely way of interacting with your students."

“When our new pastor and I decided to dive into the genre of chant with our parish choirs and congregation, I reached out to Angela for help. We wanted to start with a basic chant Mass setting and Mass Propers by Fr. Samuel Weber. As classical musicians, the concept of chant wasn’t foreign to me or our choir directors, but we needed to become proficient as a music ministry, including learning to read chant notation. Angela quickly came up with a detailed, customized proposal that included two trips to our parish: Angela directed one of our adult choir’s rehearsals, focusing on the chant Mass setting. A few weeks later, she gave a chant workshop which was opened up to the wider area, and covered all of the basics. She even created and printed chant manuals, which we pull out regularly since her workshop. Angela inspires an excitement to learn, and her teaching style is patient, organized, and well-rounded. She commands knowledge of not only the music, but the history and theology behind chant as well. Her skills in chironomy and vocal instruction made for a captivating and informative rehearsal with our adult choir. Angela did an excellent job of breaking down basic concepts for first-time adult learners, successfully teaching workshop attendees the basics of reading chant notation within a matter of hours. Whether your parish is over the moon about chant, or needs help breathing fresh life into the concept, I highly recommend Angela and her work with International Chant Academy.” 

Bryan Beams

Director of Liturgy and Music

Immaculate Heart of Mary in New Melle

New Melle, Missouri

Intro Chant

"Angela’s presentation was prayerful and instructive. Many of our choir members have no experience singing chant, but Angela’s engaging and approachable style helped everyone enter into the experience. She effectively adapted the content to meet the needs of our group. After the session, many who participated were intrigued to learn more and sent positive comments.

"No matter the background or musical style of your choir, I highly recommend Angela to lead a Musical Lectio Divina for your musicians. This experience was a highlight of our choir season!"

Scott Pluff

Director of Music and Liturgy

St. Joseph Catholic Parish

Cottleville, Missouri

Lectio Divina (divine reading) is a meditative way of reading the Bible, in which one’s agenda is set aside to allow the reader to open their mind to what the Holy Spirit is saying. 

Musical Lectio Divina, facilitated by ICA Artistic Director Angela Rocchio, is a two-hour, highly interactive exercise wherein a choir is guided through a prayerful reflection on the Scriptures, and discovers how a sacred text gives birth to its Gregorian melody. Gregorian chant is a special form of music in which the melody is the servant of the word.  In a Musical Lectio Divina the Gregorian melodies are meditated upon in connection to the sacred texts.

Inexperienced singers will enjoy the soft approach to encountering chant and chant notation. Experienced chanters will be enlightened by the sacred texts and transcendent melodies. Both will leave this session spiritually enriched.

Musical Lectio Divina.png

"The chant Lectio Divina was incredibly impactful for me. To see how understanding the text helps to bring the text alive while singing through the chant truly struck my heart and further helped me to read and understand the chant notation."

workshop participant

Brick, New Jersey


of Cantoring

Fundamentals of Cantoring is either a half-day or full-day participatory workshop taught by ICA directors Angela Rocchio and Michael Rocchio
A cantor’s mission is to bring sacred text to life through song. Cantors are responsible for delivering sacred texts in a manner whereby the congregation is able to truly hear it, is motivated to reflect upon it, and take it to heart. Sadly, through no fault of their own most cantors fall short of the mark due to a lack of information and training. Fundamentals of Cantoring is designed for singers already serving as cantors, as well as singers aspiring to serve in this vital role. Participants are coached as a group and individually in the art and techniques of vocal technique, text interpretation, and delivery. 

"In addition to being knowledgeable Michael and Angela are both very personable and fun to work with."

of Music Structure

Fundamentals of Music Structure, taught by ICA Vocal Arts Director Michael Rocchio, is a half-day or whole day participatory tutorial for choral singers who have little to no knowledge
of music theory or music structure, with the intention of making them better and more effective choristers. 
Participants are taught to recognize and develop facility with note and rest types and values, time signatures, conducting patterns, stress patterns, clefs, staffs & systems, key signatures, and expression markings. If the course is expanded to a full-day experience, the second half of the day focuses on learning major and minor scales and patterns, chords and intervals. 

Mus Structure
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