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NOTE: Previously enrolled ICA students may simply email with program/s of choice.

Which program/s are you pursuing?

ICA Lecture Series: click here

Private Study
Online Chant Course
Does your location observe Daylight Savings Time?
I am a... (check all that apply)
Can you read music?
Can you match pitch (sing in tune)?
Do you speak English fluently? (required, as classes are offered in English)
Can you pronounce/sing in Latin?
Do you have experience singing solo in a group setting?
Do you suffer from vocal damage?
Do you have access to high speed internet? (required)
Do you have access to a quiet space? (required)
Do you have a desktop computer/laptop/tablet (the larger the screen the better) equipped with microphone and videocamera?
Are you able to commit to spending 15-30 minutes per day on practice/homework?
How did you find the International Chant Academy?

Your application has been submitted.

Please add to your contacts.

An admissions counselor will be in touch.

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