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"Chanting brings peace to my cluttered mind. Focusing on the meaning of the text, correct breathing, making a beautiful sound and singing in harmony with the rest of the choir remove me from my chaotic world."
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Augment your proficiency and value as a musician with knowledge shared by recognized experts.

The ICA Lecture Series will return Fall of 2024.

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Level I

Establishes a thorough foundation for reading chant pitch and notation on the four line staff. By the end of this course you will be able to prepare and sing a chant from chant notation, without outside assistance. Read more...
Level II

Learn the skills of excellent chant musicianship, with study of the eight church modes, structural pitches, and the relationship of melody and text. Culminates in a group singing of Vespers via Zoom, with each student leading a portion of the liturgy. Read more...
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Level I

Grow in your sense of the sacred, and immerse yourself in the Liturgy. You will trace the role of the cantor and sacred song through the course of Church history, make a guided reading of key Church documents, and discover how general sacred music principles should apply in your life as a parish cantor. Read more...
Level II

Learn to meet with acumen and professionalism a parish's musical needs in a wide variety of circumstances. You will dive into details that make a big difference: room acoustics, microphones, and establishing a good rapport with your organist. Plus, we will treat unique liturgical circumstances which require a special approach: the a cappella Mass, weddings, and funerals.  Read more...
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Crafted uniquely for your group or ensemble, to learn the skills of exceptional musicianship. Our workshops are delivered in an enjoyable, interactive, and interdisciplinary style which is the ICA's hallmark.

Fundamentals of Singing, Introduction to Chant, Music Theory, Cantor Coaching, Parish Vespers, and much more.

On site or online.

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Private coaching for new and experienced singers of chant. You will learn to read, sing, and conduct Gregorian chant with confidence, life, and artistry.  Read more...

Learn to sing with healthy vocal technique and masterful artistry. Michael Rocchio is a highly-respected voice teacher, vocal artistry coach, and vocal arts workshop presenter. Read more... 

Advanced Cantor Coaching 

Advanced vocal technique, interpretive skills, and performance skills for cantors in focused, one-on-one study with Michael Rocchio. Read more... 
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