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Learn to sing with healthy vocal technique and masterful artistry.

  • Understand the workings of your instrument

  • Discover your real, and unique voice

  • Develop enviable tone, and true power without pushing, yelling, or belting 

  • Have a voice that projects even when singing softly

  • Learn how to interpret, and artistically perform music that touches the soul 

  • Open up new musical possibilities for yourself

  • Improve your musicianship and polish your musicality

  • Develop the Performer’s Mindset

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1-hour weekly in studio, or online lessons provided on a quadrimester (4-month) basis.

Lessons are offered Tues-Sat, US Central Time Zone, based on lesson time availability.

"Deciding to take lessons with Michael was the best decision I have made to help not only improve my voice but to make sure it works correctly for years to come. Michael is the real deal, his career and studies are proof of that. When you take lessons you get so much more than just singing the right notes and working through technical issues. He teaches in a holistic way that immerses in you the whole approach of performing physically, musically, and psychologically. Michael coaches you in a positive safe atmosphere where it is ok to make mistakes while you explore the sensations of singing. The concepts covered in regular lessons are guaranteed to make you not only a better singer but also a better musician. My only regret is not finding him sooner in my career! Everything offered through the chant academy is of the highest quality both in the depth of the content and approach. They are flexible and easy to work with, you can't go wrong here"


Nick B., Music Director

Michael produces amazing results with students of every genre of singing: Classical, Sacred, Musical Theater, Jazz…even Rock. 

He believes people learn best in an enjoyable learning environment. His studio is a safe, fun, nurturing and professional atmosphere wherein dedication, and hard work consistently yield outstanding results. 

Michael is a consumate communicator. He makes it easy for the student to understand, and master the complex concepts of singing.
Having been a Soloist & Section Leader for The Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis, MO, and co-founder of the Early Music Ensemble, Pro-Arte Saint Louis, Michael has a keen understanding of the vocal demands placed on choir members and soloists in a sacred setting. He teaches healthy singing technique that supports superior choral blend, and performance of Gregorian Chant and Early Sacred Music “in stilo”, the style intended.

Once you have learned proper technique and dependable mechanics, Michael will coach you on performance artistry; the skills of a polished professional vocal artist, including interpretation, phrasing, diction, vowel-blending, and many more. You will learn “tricks of the trade” that will make your singing easier, better, and professional. 

But, excellent singing isn't solely a function of your technique and skills. If you wish to become an outstanding singer, you must have the mindset of an outstanding singer. Michael instills and imbues his students with "The Performer's Mindset” - a mindset of confidence born of competence and a commitment to excellence.

Online Lessons

Michael Rocchio was the first teacher of classical singing to provide voice lessons online (2008), and has had years to perfect the process. It works! Online lessons are live, real-time, interactive singing lessons via Zoom. Michael has worked effectively with students located in the USA and around the world.


Successful students are intelligent, disciplined, open to new ideas, tenacious, and motivated. You must be a self-starter with a strong work ethic and perseverance.


You will receive reference and example handouts, as needed. A three-ring binder, and pencils should be at the ready. As you progress you may be asked to obtain music, books and other reference materials.

Technical Requirements

A desktop computer, laptop, or tablet (the larger the screen the better) equipped with videocamera (no cell phones, please). Internal computer sound systems are notoriously poor at reliably transmitting singing. Excellent external microphones are readily available and reasonably priced. Ask for recommendations. Reliable access to high-speed internet is a must. Student is responsible for working technology. 



Lessons are offered on a quadrimester (four-month) basis. Tuition is remitted in full, or by automatically paid monthly subscription. Student agrees to complete the full quadrimester. Tuition is non-refundable, or transferable. For details, visit

Ask your parish whether funding is available for continuing education.

Tuition may also be tax deductible for professional (compensated) musicians.

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