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I will never forget the first time seeing Angela conduct a chant schola. Sadly, female conductors of the chant were rare outside of religious communities, and so it was a pleasure to see Angela’s fine chironomy at a CMAA (Church Music Association of America) Colloquium. Angela was able to get the best out of this group of women of varying ability; surely, her fine conducting was a large part of this! 

This fine work continued at the Musica Sacra 2013 conference in St. Louis, where she led chant propers sung by conference attendees to great effect. It is certainly a special occasion to have a chant conductor who knows vocal pedagogy and technique, as well, a great asset that Angela brings to her work. I am certain she would have similarly excellent results with any schola!"

Bruce Ludwick, Jr.
Director of Music and Organist

Cathedral of Saint Paul, Birmingham, Alabama

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