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As someone that previously suffered from CAS (Chant Avoidance Syndrome – something I have made up to explain my feelings toward chant), I need to give my highest praise to Angela for opening my ears and mind to the beauty of chant. I am not someone that has a great deal of musical training, but I love singing in my parish choir. And up until recently I had a “love-dread” relationship with chant – our music director loves it, and I dread singing it. I never fully understood the notation, the rhythm, and I certainly didn’t understand Latin! That is, until Angela did a brief lesson on chant during our recent parish choir retreat. In less than one hour Angela helped me, and our choir, to better understand how to read chant notation, how to translate the Latin so we knew what we were singing, and then how to sing the chant as one beautiful voice. I am still recovering from CAS, but after our short time under Angela’s tutelage I can honestly say I have a better appreciation for chant and I look forward to learning how to sing it better. Angela is so awesome I have even downloaded two books on chant that she recommended – that would have NEVER happened in the past!"

Heather E. ~ choir member


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