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Ensuring that we understood basic information in order to study and learn to prepare Chant on our own, Angela created a course that combines her wonderful patience and excellent rapport with students with all aspects of imparting knowledge of Chant. Whether the student is reviewing chant or coming in to this ancient notation for the first time, one is immediately taken on a journey of learning to read the notation in solfege, determining clefs and modes, sight-singing examples for class and home practice and finally, preparing chants on our own. There is a private lesson at the end of the course set-up on Zoom, which gives the student an opportunity to have important feedback as to the skill set the student has acquired. This course was completed on Zoom with many students who reside in various locations in the United States, so learning and participation is easily facilitated. Loved this course!"

Janis J.

professional cellist and performing arts administrator


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