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A few years ago I developed an interest in exploring traditional sacred music and soon enough I met Angela. She assisted me with several questions I had regarding chant and other related resources, and her knowledge and expertise in chant and sacred music led me in making the decision to take private chant lessons. Because we were in the midst of the pandemic and I was away at college, I was able to do lessons virtually which were quite enjoyable and productive.

Angela's unique, friendly, and supportive teaching style resulted in me singing my first chant two weeks from our first lesson! A few months later I took another set of lessons which soon allowed me to be able to learn the art of chironomy (conducting chant). Angela knew that I wanted to be challenged and pushed me. But throughout the entire process she was very supportive, and that support allowed me to keep going even when the material was becoming increasingly difficult.

As a college sophomore studying organ performance, and a part-time church music director, the skills and resources that I learned and received from Angela have been of the utmost value to me and to my career as a church musician.

I highly recommend Angela to anyone wanting to study/learn more chant, or perhaps try something new this year!"

Jesse M.

organ performance major, and director of music & liturgy


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