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I came from a largely secular background before being employed as a professional in sacred music. I quickly realized that I needed high quality mentorship and tutelage. I found exactly that with Angela Rocchio’s Chant Academy. The Academy came recommended through internet colleagues, and Angela’s credentials were verified with the first visit to her website and a short email exchange later. I could not sign up for her Essential Tool Kit course fast enough! I was at first concerned for my lack of working knowledge of early sacred music, but Angela quickly assured me that 1) no question would seem silly or go unexplored 2) that my needs would be met unequivocally in the classroom. I can say with great confidence that Angela was the most hospitable and patient instructor! After my 5 weeks' intro course with Angela at the Chant Academy, I feel much more sure-footed with my knowledge of chant and I am excited to share what I have learned with my parish. If you have ever had any desire to learn about the ancient singing traditions of the faith – run! Don’t walk to the Chant Academy!"

Kate P. ~ Episcopal music minister


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