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My name is Dr. Maureen A Carlson and I am a professional singer and a cantor with over 30+ years experience. I have taught music PreK through university level and I teach an opera history study abroad program every summer in Austria. I am not new to music:) HOWEVER, with that being said, when I moved to St. Louis I found myself under the direction of a church music program that used A LOT of chant! I needed to dust off my books and find a person who could remind me of the rules and re-teach me the nuances of this genre. Well, after five lessons I learned that I was not being re-taught but I was learning so many new things. Angela brought me into a beautiful church downtown so I could practice my new "sound" and I fell in love with chant. Her teaching method is honest, caring, gentle, and non judgmental. She takes you from where you are and teaches you that chant doesn't have to be scary, it can be simple and beautiful after ironing out the complexities. I HIGHLY recommend Angela Marie Rocchio if you are new to chant or merely need a 'dust off'."

Dr. Maureen C.
college music professor and private voice instructor


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