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I met Michael several years ago when I was seeking a vocal teacher for myself. I sing professionally in a band, and was looking to hone my technique. After working with Michael for a short time, it was apparent that he was incredibly educated and gifted in what he does. 

At that point, my teenage daughter was expressing interest in learning how to sing, so he began working with her. She was a shy freshman in high school who had no real experience with singing or performing, but she had a beautiful instrument and a passion to sing. He took her raw talent and transformed her into a stellar vocalist with proper training and technique. But, he didn’t stop there. 

Michael is so much more than just a voice teacher – while he is outstanding at teaching correct technique and skills to develop the instrument, he also addresses all of the mental aspects of becoming a good singer. He teaches confidence, poise, and becomes a mentor. He works to figure out mental barriers and how to handle nerves. He goes way above and beyond to make sure that there are opportunities for growth and that he can support in any way possible. He is interested in developing the whole person – and from this, the performer blooms. After working with Michael now for close to 4 years, my daughter is now going to college on a music scholarship to study vocal performance. When she sings, she makes people FEEL. And, this is all thanks to Michael.

Most recently, my youngest daughter has expressed interest in working with Michael, and he has worked with her as well. He has helped her overcome her fear of singing in front of people so that she can feel more confident for others to hear her unique voice. He treats them both as individuals and makes them both feel special in their own gifts. Both of my daughters adore Michael! We are so grateful to him for going the extra mile to not just develop singers, but in helping to develop confident young women. I would highly recommend him – he’s been a true gift to our family."

Cari M. ~ soprano

private voice student

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