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Michael Rocchio, Instructor

Karen F. ~ mezzo soprano

"He has renewed my confidence in my own abilities and has shown me how the correct support and vocal placement can expand one’s range, smooth out the vibrato, and allow great sound to come from a singer’s instrument with very little effort. His method and vocal exercises work for singers of all genres of music.”

Cari M. ~ soprano

"After working with Michael now for close to 4 years, my daughter is now going to college on a music scholarship to study vocal performance."

Michael S. ~ tenor

"You are the only voice teacher I've ever met, especially of your caliber, who cares more about helping a student than making as much money as possible. You are a rare treasure with tremendous character and it is an honor and a privilege to work with you.”

Rick B. ~ tenor

"Michael is the most patient, proficient and competent teacher I've ever dealt with.  He worked with me for 3 years and my instrument grew by leaps and bounds." 

Sarah W.

"Not only have we witnessed improved tone and power, but we have also seen our son be able to interpret a piece of music and convey emotions the composer intended. My only regret is that we did not start lessons with Michael sooner."

Nick B. ~ baritone

"Michael coaches you in a positive safe atmosphere where it is ok to make mistakes while you explore the sensations of singing. The concepts covered in regular lessons are guaranteed to make you not only a better singer but also a better musician. My only regret is not finding him sooner in my career!”

Riah H. ~ alto

"You can easily tell that he absolutely loves what he does and that passion is contagious. I look forward to my lesson as one of the highlights of my week. Regardless of whether you are a professional singer or not, you couldn't find a better teacher!"

Steve G. ~ tenor

Michael (Rock) is the most patient and insightful teacher I have had in any endeavor. I'm 70 years old and have two doctoral degrees, and have spent my life teaching as well."

David V. ~ tenor

"He knows how to communicate singing concepts in a fun and easy manner. Taking lessons from him will advance your singing greatly.  He will help you develop and refine your singing but he will also help you develop your musicianship and artistry.   If you're looking for a great voice teacher, look no further!"

Ariana M. ~ contralto

"He is personable and good humored, and brings to his students the ability to execute the skills he teaches, so you are learning from someone who can teach from experience and not only theory or observation. 
I readily recommend him."

James H. - bass

"Michael Rocchio knows how the voice works, and how to communicate that knowledge to his students in a crystal clear manner. I made more vocal progress in the first few lessons with Michael than in years of study with reputable university teachers."

Theresa P. ~ mezzo soprano

"Every week my voice felt freer and more open. I left Michael two summers later a more confident soprano with a blossoming mezzo range.  I am forever indebted to him for all the help he's given me. He is one of the finest musicians and human beings I've ever had the pleasure to work with and learn from."

Austin S. ~ Tenor

“Michael was instrumental in teaching me how to properly use my voice.  He has an uncanny ability to extract the improper techniques and give you the right ones. I’m very happy with his lessons.”

Nate J. ~ basso profundo

"He taught me music theory, proper singing technique, professional etiquette, confidence, and he even helped me achieve a spot in the St. Louis Cathedral Basilica Choir."

Michael A. ~ tenor

"[A]s a cantor, I needed to be more conscious of what I was singing as well as how I was singing it.  I learned about how prepare each psalm in a way that allowed the intention of the psalmist to come out and then proclaim it to the congregation.

Elle P. ~ soprano

"My lessons exceeded my hopes and expectations.  I came away having learned what I'd never been taught before, and my voice felt open and free after my first lesson.  Michael delivers!" 

Ben G. ~ baritone

"You have a unique ability to diagnose incorrect technique, bad habits and vocal problems, then communicate the proper technique of singing so that it is understandable and achievable. My real voice is starting to come alive for the first time."

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