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Deciding to take lessons with Michael was the best decision I have made to help not only improve my voice but to make sure it works correctly for years to come. Michael is the real deal, his career and studies are proof of that. When you take lessons you get so much more than just singing the right notes and working through technical issues. He teaches in a holistic way that immerses in you the whole approach of performing physically, musically, and psychologically. Michael coaches you in a positive safe atmosphere where it is ok to make mistakes while you explore the sensations of singing. The concepts covered in regular lessons are guaranteed to make you not only a better singer but also a better musician. My only regret is not finding him sooner in my career! Everything offered through the chant academy is of the highest quality both in the depth of the content and approach. They are flexible and easy to work with, you can't go wrong here."

Nick B. ~ Baritone

private voice student

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