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I came to Michael's studio as a struggling soprano right after my freshman year of college. I was very reserved and lived with a fear of opening up to people - not to mention I had spent my whole life singing in a way that was damaging my voice. Michael started to fix all of that in just a couple of lessons. We spent time laughing - sometimes my lessons turned into some semblance of a therapy session - my insecurities about myself, and my voice washed away with every lesson, The learning portions of the lessons were where all the magic happened. Every week my voice felt freer and more open. I left Michael two summers later a more confident soprano with a blossoming mezzo range.  I am forever indebted to him for all the help he's given me. He is one of the finest musicians and human beings I've ever had the pleasure to work with and learn from.  If you are a struggling singer, or just need to fine tune your voice, or have never sung before, I will always recommend Michael."

Theresa P. ~ Mezzo Soprano

private voice student


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